AGM 2023

7pm Wednesday 2 August at Twomeads, Camperdown Road, Salcombe.


  • We have officially announced the date of the AGM in plenty of time for this procedure to take place
  • We are asking for officer and director nominations with a closing date of 22 July. Officer positions:
    • Chair
    • Vice Chair
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
  • We will collate the nominations and, by 24 July, will issue ballots with named candidates that electors can vote on. Ordinary Members, VPs and Players are eligible to vote.
  • A full AGM pack (including Proxy voting forms) will be made available by 24 July.
  • The closing date for submitting ballots and proxies will be 30 July.
  • At the AGM, votes on the floor will be combined with the ballots to produce the election result.

Nominations, ballots and proxies can be left at the club in sealed envelopes, given to an existing officer or emailed to

24 July Update: Our Notice/Agenda has been updated with the nominations. A ballot will be necessary for the post of Treasurer. A Ballot, Proxy Form and updated Accounts have been added below. This constitutes the full AGM pack.

Notice of AGM

Minutes 2022

Accounts 2022-2023

Proxy Form


Copies of these can be found on the noticeboard at the club.