Child Safeguarding

Equity Policy

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Child Protection Policy

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Junior Photography & Video Policy

It is not the intention of Salcombe RFC to prevent parents, guardians or coaches from taking photographs or videos of their children, and have produced the following guidelines and statement. Salcombe RFC has an open policy towards parents; guardians and coaches taking video or photographs of children playing rugby, providing the following guidelines are followed. Any parent or guardian not in agreement with the clubs policy is welcome to withdraw their child from the game or coaching session whenever cameras/videos are used. Professional photographers/video operators should produce their professional credentials to the event organiser or person in charge, details may be  recorded.

Student or amateur photographers/video operators should seek accreditation from the event organiser or person in charge, and should produce their student, club or registration card and a letter from their club – educational establishment outlining their motive for attending
the event. Videoing as a coaching aid: there is not intention to prevent club coaches using video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid.

  • A photograph or image should not be posted on any website without written permission of the parent.
  • Please note; there may be children who for various reasons (care orders etc) cannot have their pictures published in the press.
  • Any suspected inappropriate photography/video must be reported to the clubs Child Welfare Officer.
  • Any concerns about the clubs photography/video policy should be forwarded to the clubs Child Welfare Officer

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Don't be a Headcase

The RFU has a strict code for avoiding and managing concussion.