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Salcombe v Devonport High School Old Boys

Monday 18 December, 2017, by Oli Masters

4th November
Salcombe v Devonport High School Old Boys (VP's day)

The scheduled league game against DHSOB unfortunately was not able to take place as expected due to a player crises amongst the away team, it is therefore to their credit that Devonport made the concerted effort to travel to Salcombe with as many players as they could muster knowing as they did that it was Vice Presidents day at Two Meads and the invited guests would be expecting some rugby that afternoon.

With the league match abandoned before kick-off and the walkover points already in the bag it was up to the combined coaching teams to negotiate some kind of game with the 26 or so players who were kitted up and had been given the afternoon off by their better halves. What followed was essentially an exhibition match of sorts with 13 a side and Salcombe players filling the gaps amongst the 9 travelling DHSOB players, if anyone was keeping it then the final score would have been a convincing win for the Crabs although ultimately this was irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully DHSOB will get over this blip in their season and come back stronger in the next few weeks and once again thanks goes to them for making the effort to travel in difficult circumstances.

Retraction – in the match report featured in the Gazette on the 3rd November, the giver of the assist for the second try was incorrectly named, this was in fact Lee Clarke. Humblest apologies and I hope you will now be able to sleep at night.

NB – The attached picture is of Nico Gorelik from Stade Sarrois Rugby Saarbrücken in South Germany being presented with a SRFC shirt after receiving the Man of the Match award on Sunday 5th November along with former Crab and current Stade player Jak Masters (right) and former SRFC coach and player Adrian Masters.