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We're open!!

Friday 31 July, 2020, by Mark Lidstone

To the Members of SRFC

As Chairman I would like to personally thank our membership for the kind words of support I have received and for their patience and understanding whilst we have been closed, during these extremely difficult times.

As you may already be aware, we will be reopening our doors tomorrow night at 5.00 pm, ahead of our planned schedule. We finally had the last of our health and safety checks completed today.

Doing this has been like Pandora's box, as the more you look into it, the more you realise what needed to be done.

I would personally like to thank those Board members who have made this possible.

The SRFC guidelines for drinking at the club follow the Government safety guidelines and will need to be strictly observed. We request that anyone visiting the club, abide by them, so as to keep our staff and customers safe at all times.

There will be a one-way system and the 2m social distancing rule will apply.

When you arrive, you will be asked by a member of staff to complete an online registration form to enable the Track & Trace system to be operated. By signing this you are confirming that you understand the guidelines.

There will be limited seating inside, and we ask that you seat with a maximum of six people, which can be from two households. Each household should remain socially distanced from the other and people within the same household must not join other groups outside of their group.

The group of up to six, must remain the same whilst within the club premises.

Please do not move chairs away from tables or add additional chairs, as they have been placed with social distancing in mind around the clubhouse.

There will be one serving point at the bar and one collection point, with a designated queuing system. Please have one party member order, pay and collect your purchases.

As with a lot of businesses in the current circumstances, we will NOT BE ACCEPTING CASH at the bar and will be adopting a CARD ONLY (Excluding American Express) payment facility.

Weather permitting, members will be able to gather outside. Again, observing the guidelines, so up to six people from two different households. People should remain socially distant from each other within that group.

Both inside and outside, all children must remain within their group and are the responsibility of the adult(s) they are with.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the pitch will be off limits for playing on and using as a seating area. However, you will be able to sit in the try area nearest the club, whilst observing all of the normal social distancing rules that apply.

We look forward to welcoming all our membership back into the club but appreciate that the time for some may not be now in the current Covid 19 climate.

Mark Lidstone - Chairman SRFC