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U8: Brixham & Paignton v Salcombe

Monday 7 March, 2022, by Mervyn Down

On Sunday morning the Salcombe Crabs U8s travelled to Brixham for a 3-way competition which included Paignton. It was a chance for Salcombe to teach the fishermen what the crab is all about.

The 1st game versus Paignton, Salcombe won 7-2 against a much improved Paignton side. Salcombe wiped the sleep out their eyes to find themselves 0-2 down after just 3 minutes. A stern look from their coach was all that was needed to wake the team of FG, Ella, Kai, Henry,  Jack and newcomers Kip and Frankie M. By half time the Crabs were leading 3-2 following scores my Henry, Kai and FG.

The half time whistle gave coach Merv the chance to reinforce that stare and add a few wise words. This obviously worked as they won the second half 4-0.  Ella was quick over the white wash, followed by FG who had by now had warmed his turbo up and ran in 3 further tries, one of which deep from his own half and winning him player of the match.

Final score v Paignton 7-2

The next game v Brixham seen the mini Crabs take on stern opposition in Brixham. This team composed of Austin, Freddie, Isabella, Jared, George, Oscar and Hunter, all of which preformed  in an outstanding manner, keeping the fishermen flustered when in possession.

Once again, Austin and Freddie lead the charge. Isabella and Osgar spearheaded the attack, running through Brixham defense like a salmon jumping up stream. Jared spent the day creating opportunities, bobbing and weaving around the fishermen with his outstanding footwork.  George and Hunter who were in their first game as a crab, both did an amazing job showing great potential that showed talent beyond their time with an egg shaped ball and an outstanding addition to the crabs.

The final 4 minutes of the game saw Hunter run in a try from half way with a blistering run through the defence to bring the Crabs to within 1 score.

With 3 minutes to go, the Fishermen restarted. It looked unlikely Salcombe would see the ball again. But the players thought otherwise and as the pressure told, saw the Crabs win the ball deep in their own half. With cutting runs and sleek passing that hadn’t been seen off the training park, Salcombe pushed deep into the Brixham half.

Again it was the slick hands that moved the ball back and forth across the pitch and kept Brixham chasing shadows, the final pass was to the outstanding Osgar who bravely dived for the corner to score the equaliser and in turn winning player of the match.

Final score 2-2

Special mention to the parents for coming out in the blistering tundra-like weather and their continued support. Your children really do play better for it and appreciate it.